Hey there!  We are Mark and Katie Shmelinski and we need your help finding the perfect employee’s that fit our vision. The Everyday Kitchen is the heart and soul of who we are…

We’ve dreamed of creating a unique space & experience for many years and are finally about to bring it to life.  We are passionate about using quality ingredients and feeling proud of being able to feel good about feeding our family what we create.

We are excited to overcome the challenge of becoming the first Sourdough Donut shop in North America (and one of a few in the world). Our ultimate goal and vision for this business to create a unique and world class experience, all while serving and loving our community well.

We are committed to and passionate about striving to build a strong and connected line up of employees.  We are located in the Warehouse District in Regina, Saskatchewan in a beautiful and unique heritage building called The Local Market.  1377 Hamilton St. 

We are now accepting applicants for our front and back end positions!

We have 4 different positions available:

Head Baker (1 position)

Baker (2-3 positions)

Evening Dough Maker/Baker (1 position)

Barista/Front End (2-4 positions)

To apply,

  1. Click this link to fill out the application.
  2. Send your resume to apply.theeverydaykitchen@gmail.com